I’ve always enjoyed building stuff from scratch and for someone who loves creating and developing solutions, the focus on software came easy. It’s my natural way of turning ideas into execution, while continuously learning from those experiences.


KBD75 V3.1, 75 [Home - gaming]


My first DIY keyboard, silent and gaming-only keyboard.

HHKB Hybrid Classic, 60 [Home - work+travel]


Together with my Lenovo Yoga, this one is for the long journeys. I used to place a small plastic on top of the laptop keyboard (sonshi style), but now, having the Yoga, I just turn it around.

HHKB Professional 2, 60 [Office]


I like to replicate my office and home workspaces, so I keep my Pro2 at the office even though I like its typing experience a bit more.

Zowie Celeritas, Full-Sized [Unused]


Before KDB75, this was my gaming keyboard with MX Reds.

WASD v2, Full-Sized [Unused]


Where it all started… I’ve ordered my first customized keyboard around 2014 with MX Blues.